A WORD ON 2020

2020 hasn't been a gem of a year...well that's an understatement if ever there was one, let's be clear, it's been an absolute stinker.  This virus has caused havoc and heartache; death, long term sickness, mental health challenges, the inability to access medical treatment, misdiagnosis of illnesses, relationship breakdowns, increased domestic abuse cases, business collapses & job losses.  This list probably barely scratches the surface of the damage Covid-19 has caused and continues to do so.  It’s been a tough slog for all, feeling and seeing the whole world fall victim to an invisible attacker.  Well this isn't very upbeat is it?!  I thought these blogs were about hidden gems I hear you cry...ok well the reason I've started here is that I thought it was poor form to start a blog on hidden gem travel destinations, boutique hotels & whatever else I choose to ramble on about, without first acknowledging that I totally appreciate the year we have all experienced...it’s been a shocker!

So have there been any silver linings in 2020?  I think so... we all came out on our streets every Thursday night to clap with our neighbours, we got fitter as a nation without using the gym but the great outdoors, the sun shone in summer, we found walks we had never ventured to, we found farm shops instead of supermarkets, we learned to properly cook (ok I didn't but I did knock a few cookies together which is huge for me), we all turned a little Mrs Hinch on our homes, our dogs loved us even more, we had a new appreciation for teachers, doctors, nurses & surgeons, we cared for each other and truly realised the importance & value of time spent with our immediate family unit. Life was simple (toilet roll aside), & ultimately, we were united in trying to make it through a really strange time.  Some of those simple moments are golden moments we will remember forever.

Then, on top of all of these glimmers of joy, a little bit of creativity seemed to shine through in all of us like it had been locked in & only when we had time on our hands, literally locked in, did it surface.....out came the makers & the bakers, there were the artists, the readers, the writers and even those charity fundraisers.  For me, out came some words I felt compelled to write and a want to do something creative in addition to my corporate job, just for me, for no reason I could really explain.  The result now is Abbot Kinney.  So on with the blog & the first instalment of Hidden Gems, a series of blogs featuring some of my favourite recent trips and boutique hotel stays.  The first blog is about my recent trip to Kefalonia....read & enjoy it now!

With love & light, 

K x