A WORD ON 2020

  • A WORD ON 2020

    2020 hasn't been a gem of a year...well that's an understatement if ever there was one, let's be clear, it's been an absolute stinker.  This virus has caused havoc and heartache; death, long term sickness, mental health challenges, the inability to access medical treatment, misdiagnosis of illnesses, relationship breakdowns, increased domestic abuse cases, business collapses & job losses.  This list probably barely scratches the surface of the damage Covid-19 has caused and continues to do so.  It’s been a tough slog for all, feeling and seeing the whole world fall victim to an invisible attacker.  Well this isn't very upbeat is it?!  I thought these blogs were about hidden gems I hear you cry...ok well the reason I've started here is that I thought it was poor form to start a blog on hidden gem travel destinations, boutique hotels & whatever else I choose to ramble on about, without first acknowledging that I totally appreciate the year we have all experienced...it’s been a shocker!